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In one of the largest intermodal logistics centers of Hungary and Central Eastern Europe, we offer complex logistics services with major concentration on real estate rental. The currently available storage area exceeds 145,000 sq.m. and the available office area accounts for 15,000 sq.m. Our facility is located on a strategically important area; the warehouse base is installed with the most modern infrastructure and IT systems that can maximize the efficiency of distribution.

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BILK Logistics Pte. Co.

Hungary, H-1239 Budapest, Európa u. 6.
H-1734 P.O.B. 506.
Tel: +36 (1) 421-8551
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We kindly ask you to use the entrance from the direction of M0.

GPS: Soroksár, Budapest 47.372311, 19.116325


Latest News


The building operations of our newest Warehouse L have started!

In April we began the development of Warehouse L, which is planned to be completed by November, 2011.

The warehouse consist of two pieces: a 3,800 sq.m. large cross-docking warehouse with headroom of 5 meters and a 4.800 sq.m. large logistical area with headroom of  12.2 meters. Furthermore, a 900 sq.m. large office building and a 600 sq.m. gallery area will be built.

Our general contractor is: Market Építő Zrt.


Warehouse developments at the BILK Logistics Center!

The development of our 18,000 sq.m. large "K1"  warehouse, which was completed in November of 2010, was executed by the Market Építő Zrt. anew. 

The objective of the project was to develop the complex logistics services of the BILK Logistics Center. In order to provide high level services, the 18,000 sq.m. large warehouse was equipped with complete infrastructural solutions. As part of the project, IT  and logistical equipments, like trucks and standard racking systems, were purchased to be used on the whole territory of the facility.

 The project, officially named "The Development of Complex Logistic Services of the BILK Logistics Pte. Co.- Intermodal Logistics Center", was sponsored by the European Union and co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. The beneficiary is the BILK Logistics Pte. Co (Address: 1239 Budapest, Európa u. 6. Tel.: +36-1-421-8551), cooperating organization: National Economic Development Center (Cím: 1139 Budapest, Váci út 83. Center Point 2. Irodaház Tel.: +36-40-200-617).

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